IMRIDE for Employees

IMRIDE specialized in pre-scheduled daily rides for employees. Our Wi-Fi equipped vehicle and safe drivers will provide door-to-door ride between home and work. Employees also enjoy –

Work-Life Balance

Preserve your work-life balance by being more productive during your daily commute.

Save Money

Save money on gasoline, vehicle wear and tear, parking, car pool lanes and daily bridge tolls.

Comfortable Commute

Relax, work or collaborate during your commute in comfortable and Wi-Fi-equipped vehicles.

Go Green

Contribute to improving the environment by eliminating cars from the roads and reducing carbon emission.

Benefits of IMRIDE Commute

IMRIDE provides a simple, easy and convenient ride so that you feel more comfortable and relaxed

Spacious Vehicle

Our vehicles are spacious, clean and comfortable to enhance the joy of commute. All vehicles go through regular rigorous safety inspections.

Internet Connectivity

With Wi-Fi internet connectivity, IMRIDE enables your employees to work, collaborate and have meetings during their commute.

Trained Drivers

Drivers are prescreened, undergo the rigorous background checks, certified and required to undertake proprietary training regularly.

IMRIDE for Employers

Improve productivity and reduce stress within your company by providing IMRIDE commute rides for your employees.

Attract & Retain Talent

Attract quality talent by providing commute as a perk, which is the top two incentive for new hires

Increased Productivity

Wi-Fi equipped vehicle will allow employees with the choice to work or relax while they commute

Reduce Stress

IMRIDE trips are comfortable, relaxing and stress-free, which allows for improved engagement

Environment friendly

Taking multiple cars off the road daily helps to reduces carbon footprint to support go green initiatives

What We Offer?


With Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, spacious leg room, IMRIDE gives you a great commute experience.


With professionally trained drivers, IMRIDE provides safe and secure daily commute rides.

Time saving

Our trained drivers have a sense of punctuality and deep knowledge of routes and traffic areas.

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